Prospective students are required to register and submit all documents in Darmasiswa STMIK IKMI official website For students who are not in the student's home country is not allowed to be registered through the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate General in the participating countries (non-citizenship).

  1. Students prepare the requirements for obtaining a Study Permit and submit it to STMIK IKMI Cirebon.
  2. College completes the required documents and submits an application study permit to the Director of Institutions through the Foreign Student Study Permit application.
  3. Study Permit Service Manager at the Directorate of Institutions accepts, conducts Verification and Validation of requests for Study Permits from STMIK IKMI.
  4. The Director of Institutions gives approval for study permits by using a Mark Digital Hands that have received Certification from BSrE.
  5. The tertiary institution receives approval for a study permit and submits a study permit to students.
  6. Study Permit Service Manager at the Directorate of Institutions facilitates implementation supervision, evaluation and coaching of international students through the Clearing forum.
  1. Foreign nationals
  2. Completed secondary education or its equivalent
  3. Minimum age 18 years and not older than 27 years of age
  4. Able to communicate in English (Proven by English Language Proficiency Certificate : TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS or OTHER CERTIFICATE if applicable)
  5. In good health as proven by Medical Certificate
  6. Have basic knowledge of the field you're applying
  7. Have good interest to learning about language, art and culture
  8. Not registered as Darmasiswa’s Alumni
  9. Not currently studying in Indonesia
  10. Not currently working in Indonesia
  1. Scan of Study Permit Application for Foreign Students from Universities High addressed to the Director of Institutional Directorate General of Education College, Research and Technology.
  2. Information related to study programs and personal data.
  3. Scanned Letter of Acceptance at College (LOA).
  4. Scan of Diploma or Academic Transcript.
  5. Passport Scan Results.
  6. Scanned Statement Letter for:
    • Will not work while studying in Indonesia.
    • Do not participate in political activities.
    • Comply with existing laws and regulations in Indonesia.
  7. Scanned Statement Letter from guarantor or person in charge during study.
  8. Scan of Statement of Financing Guarantee.
  9. Scan of Health Certificate.
  10. Scanned Passport size color photo.
  1. Scan of Application Letter for Study Permit Extension for Foreign Students from Higher Education addressed to the Director of College Institutional Development Tall.
  2. All information and documents used in the application for a New Permit, added with:
    • Scan of Academic Transcripts.
    • ID Card scan results.