Standard Operational Procedure

A. Procedures for Admission of Foreign Students, LOA and Study Permits:

  1. Files of prospective foreign students are brought or sent to the Office of International Affairs (KUI) which includes: copy/scan of passport, statement of compliance with regulations, statement of financial guarantee, letter of introduction to school from campus of origin abroad, medical certificate check up, color passport photo, diploma and transcript of previous education (legalized in Indonesian or English), curriculum vitae or family card
  2. KUI staff registers prospective foreign students to the admissions department new students.
  3. The new student admissions department and KUI carry out the selection process
  4. If prospective foreign students meet the requirements and are accepted, KUI submits to STMIK IKMI Cirebon to issue a Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  5. The Academic Administration Bureau issues a statement containing an announcement that foreign students are accepted/not accepted, addressed to the KUI section.
  6. Letter of Acceptance sent by STMIK IKMI Cirebon to prospective foreign new students to Universities Overseas
  7. KUI STMIK IKMI Cirebon completes the required documents and submits an application for a study permit to the Institutional Director through the online application for a Study Permit for Foreign Students.
  8. The Study Permit Service Manager at the Directorate of Institutions accepts, verifies and Validation of applications for Study Permits from universities.
  9. The Director of Institutions gives approval for study permits by using a Mark Digital Hands that have received Certification from BSrE.
  10. The tertiary institution receives approval for a study permit and submits a study permit letter to students.
  11. Approval of study permits received by tertiary institutions will be the basis for processing other licensing documents such as ITAS, Certificate of Domicile, SKTT, Reporting Certificate.
  12. Study Permit Service Manager (IB) at the Institutional Directorate facilitates the implementation of supervision, evaluation and coaching of international students through the Clearing House forum.
  13. Foreign students are accepted as new students in tertiary institutions

B. Procedure for obtaining domicile certificate

  1. The STMIK IKMI Cirebon KUI section reports to the local RT and RW to take care of the domicile certificate for foreign students by bringing the necessary documents.
  2. RT and RW issue cover letters for making domicile statements for foreign students.
  3. Section KUI STMIK IKMI Cirebon headed to the Kelurahan Office with the requirements to arrange a certificate of domicile for foreign students.
  4. The local Kelurahan office processes the application letter and issues the letter domicile information for foreign students.
  5. The STMIK IKMI Cirebon KUI section receives a domicile certificate from the sub-district and files it at the office.

C. Procedure for handling foreign student ITAS applications to the Immigration Office

  1. Complete online foreign student Telex Visa by STMIK IKMI Cirebon KUI
  2. Foreign student ITAS application letter complete with requirements by STMIK IKMI Cirebon submitted to the Cirebon Immigration Office.
  3. Cirebon Immigration Office receives the files and carries out the process of making a foreign student ITAS.
  4. KUI STMIK IKMI Cirebon guides foreign students to fill out forms immigration regarding status change
  5. Payment of foreign student visa fees for a period of 2 years
  6. Process of examining foreign student ITAS application files by Immigration Officers
  7. Notification from the Immigration Office to STMIK IKMI Cirebon if the ITAS process have been completed.

D. Procedure for Making a Certificate of Residence to the Disdukcapil Office

  1. Making an application letter for a foreign student SKTT by STMIK IKMI Cirebon
  2. An SKTT application letter that has been completed with the requirements is submitted to the Cirebon Dukcapil Office
  3. The Dukcapil Service office receives an application letter from STMIK IKMI Cirebon and check the file then process it.
  4. The Dukcapil Office issues a Certificate of Residence for students foreigners who will study at STMIK IKMI Cirebon.
  5. STMIK IKMI Cirebon through the KUI Section received a Certificate of Residence and scan the SKTT document.
  6. STMIK IKMI Cirebon provides a Certificate of Residence to students foreign.
  7. Foreign students receive SKTT documents from KUI STMIK IKMI by signing a receipt.

E. Procedure for Making a Letter of Reporting for foreign students at POLRESTA Cirebon

  1. Letter of Application from STMIK IKMI Cirebon to POLRESTA Cirebon for an application for a Letter of Reporting for foreign students
  2. The application letter was received by POLRESTA Cirebon and a file inspection process was carried out and the STM process was carried out for foreign students who would study at STMIK IKMI Cirebon.
  3. POLRESTA Cirebon issued a Reporting Certificate for foreign students.
  4. STMIK IKMI Cirebon through the KUI section receives a document of Reporting Certificate for foreign students and carries out a scanning and archiving process.
  5. STMIK IKMI Cirebon through the KUI section provides a Reporting Certificate document to foreign students.
  6. Foreign students receive a Report Certificate document from STMIK IKMI Cirebon through the KUI section by signing the Receipt Letter